"The Softest Luffa Sponge You'll Ever Use"

What is Luffa?  We call a luffa, or loofa, a sponge and yet it doesn't come from the sea like other sponges.  Technically luffa is the fruit that grows on the Luffa aegyptiaca and Luffa cylindrica plant.  The very young fruit can be harvested and eaten and is popular in China and Vietnam.  The larger, ripened fruit is fibrous and inedible.   It is this mature fruit that we take the luffa sponge from.  It is actually the inner skeleton of the fruit.   The mature fruit is peeled, cleaned and dried and the natural fiber core is the amazing luffa that can be used in hundreds of different ways. The most common use is for scrubbing your body in the bath or shower. Scrubbing your back with a luffa is indescribable!  It feels wonderful and leaves you feeling squeaky clean. However, a luffa is also perfect for washing things that cannot tolerate an abrasive substance or wire or steel wool tool.  Use it to clean the wheels of cars, boats and RV's.  Use it on pots and pans; especially nonstick or high end highly polished pans like Calphalon or All-Clad. Start with a new luffa in your bathroom. Then move it to your kitchen and on to your garage.  Once you have used them in all of these areas cut it into pieces and put it in the bottom of a potted plant.  It is biodegradable and will provide the perfect environment for good drainage.  Try one and you'll want to get more!

The Finished Product

Young Fruit On The Vine

Common Uses for Luffa

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Bee Pollenates the Luffa Flower

 Growers Of Natural Sponges Perfect For Luxurious Bathing And More!

  • bathing

  • exfoliating the skin

  • washing dishes & non-stick pans

  • tile and flooring

  • washing plastics

  • organic base for plants

  • arts and crafts

  • painting and faux finishes

  • in place of steel wool

  • scrubbing vegetables

  • de-shedding and bathing animals

Harvesting Luffa On The Ranch

The Luffa Ranch

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