Heirloom Luffa Seeds

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The Luffa Ranch all natural sponges are available in many sizes.  Buy a large luffa and cut to the length you like.   We suggest you cut them to suit your needs using kitchen scissors or a  bread  knife.  Although some companies may sell imported luffa in different forms; flattened and attached to cellulose sponges, flattened and attached to terry cloth, or cut in slices for soaps; The Luffa Ranch product is sold whole, in it's natural state after picking, peeling and washing.  



The Luffa Ranch

Want to grow your own luffa? Get started with our  proven seeds.

We no longer have luffa sponges.  Thank you for your support.  

Every luffa is unique; no two are the same.  Because of this they vary in color and texture.  Their versatility is amazing and you will find numerous uses for them as they soften with use.  ​Once you begin to experience the wonders of the luffa you will never go back to cellulose or synthetic sponges.  And, you can be proud that you are helping the environment and reducing your carbon footprint. 

We can include a gift card if you wish. These are reproductions of original art by Paul Oriente.  Beautiful bonsai tree drawings in pen and ink.  Each have a scripture reference on the back; appropriate for all occasions.  See all designs at http://www.pauloriente.com/price-list.html

​When ordering, send us a contact message if you have a preference.  If not, we will select a card for you.